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Share Free Online Mock Tests and Study Material
Abilene Christian University – ACU
ACU Was founded in 1906 by A.B. Barret and Charles Roberson.

Courses offered :

Under Graduate Courses-

    Accounting (BBA)
    Advertising/Public Relations (BS)
    Agricultural Business (BS)
    Animal Health Professions (BS)
    Animal Science: Animal Industry and Business (BS)
    Animal Science: Biotechnology and Research (BS)
    Animal Science: Livestock Management (BS)
    Animal Science: Pre-Vet/Health (BS)
    Architecture (Pre-) (AA)
    Art (BFA) Concentrations in Graphic Design/2-D/3-D/Art Teaching
    Art (Graphic Design/Advertising) (BA)
    Biblical Text (BA)
    Biochemistry (BA or BS)
    Biology (BA or BS)
    Biology: Life Science Teacher Certification (BS)
    Chemistry (BS)
    Chemistry: Physical Science Teacher Certification (BS)
    Christian Ministry (BA)
    Communication (BA or BS)
    Communication Disorders (BS)
    Computer Science (BS)
    Criminal Justice (BS)
    Digital Entertainment Technology (BS)
    Education (Int. Studies, Early Childhood, Elementary) (BS)
    Education (Int. Studies, Grades 4-8) (BS)
    Education (Int. Studies, High School) (BS)
    Electronic Media (Multimedia) (BS)
    Elementary Education (BS)
    Engineering (BS)
    Engineering Physics (BS)
    Engineering Science (BS)
    English (BA)
    English for Teacher Certification (BA)
    Environmental Science: Field Technology (BS)
    Environmental Science: Outdoor Studies (BS)
    Environmental Science: Politics and Public Policy (BS)
    Environmental Science: Wildlife and Natural Resource Management (BS)
    Exercise Science (BS)
    Family Studies (BS)
    Finance (BBA)
    Graphic Design/Advertising (BA)
    Graphic Design (BFA)
    Health Professions Cooperative ( Biology or Biochemistry) (BS)
    History (BA)
    History (One-Field Teacher Certification) (BS)
    Information Systems (BBA)
    Information Technology (BS)
    Interior Design (BS)
    Interdisciplinary (Composite Interdisciplinary) (BS or BA)
    International Studies (BA)
    Journalism (Convergence Journalism) (BS)
    Journalism (Multimedia) (BS)
    Journalism (Convergence Journalism/Multimedia Teacher Certification (BS)
    Life Science (One-Field Certification) (BS)
    Management (BBA)
    Marketing (BBA)
    Mathematics (BA or BS)
    Mathematics: Actuarial Science (BS)
    Mathematics for Teacher Certification (BS)
    Ministry (Christian) (BA)
    Ministry (Worship) (BA)
    Ministry (Youth and Family) (BA)
    Ministry to Children and Families (BA)
    Missions (BA)
    Missions (Vocational) (BA)
    Multimedia (Journalism) (BS)
    Music (BA)
    Music: Piano Performance (BM)
    Music: Vocal Performance (BM) 
    Music: Music Education with Teacher Certification (Instrumental, Vocal, Piano) (BM)
    Musical Theatre (BFA)
    Nursing (BSN)
    Nutrition (BS)
    Physical Science (One-Field Certification) (BS)
    Physics (BS)
    Physics: Engineering Science (BS)
    Political Science (BA)
    Psychology (BS)
    Public Relations (Advertising/Public Relations) (BS)
    Social Studies for Teachers (BS)
    Social Work (BS)
    Sociology (BS)
    Spanish (BA)
    Spanish with Teacher Certification (BA)
    Special Education (All-Level) (BS)
    Theatre: Acting (BFA)
    Theatre: Design/Technical (BFA)
    Theatre: Directing (BFA)
    Theatre: Musical Theatre (BFA)
    Theatre Education (BFA)
    Theatre Ministry (BFA)
    Worship Ministry (BA)
    Vocational Ministry (BA)
    Youth and Family Ministry (BA)

Other Programs (Non majors)

    Body and Soul (Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental)

Graduate Programmes –
Degree Programs

    Accounting – M.Acc.
    Communication – M.A.
    Communication Science and Disorders – M.S.
    Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation – M.A. (online)
    Education – M.Ed. (online)
    Education – M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning
    English – M.A.
    Higher Education – M.Ed. (online)
    Liberal Arts – M.L.A.
    Marriage & Family Therapy – M.M.F.T
    Marriage & Family Therapy – Medical
    Occupational Therapy – M.S.
    Organizational Development – M.S. (online)
    Psychology – M.S.
    Psychology – M.S. in Clinical Psychology
    Psychology – M.S. in Counseling Psychology
    Psychology – Specialist in School Psychology
    Social Work – M.S.

Certificate Programs

    Biblical Studies
    Conflict Resolution (online)
    Conflict Resolution for Educators (online)
    Dietetic Internship
    Enrollment Management
    Leadership of Digital Learning (online)
    Social Services Administration
    Superintendency (online)

Graduate School of Theology

    Master of Divinity – M.Div.
    Christian Ministry – M.A.
    Global Service – M.A. (online)
    Theology track – M.A. 
    New Testament track – M.A.
    Old Testament track – M.A.
    Ancient and Oriental Christianity track – M.A.
    Modern and American Christianity track – M.A.
    Doctor of Ministry

    Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
    M.A. in Christian Ministry
    M.A. in Global Service
    M.A. track in Theology
    M.A. track in Old Testament
    M.A. track in New Testament
    M.A. track in Ancient and Oriental Christianity
    M.A. track in Modern and American Christianity
    Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)


    Certificate of Biblical Studies

The Department of Marriage and Family Therapy offers the following degrees:

    Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (M.M.F.T.)
    Master of Marriage and Family Therapy- Medical (M.M.F.T.)

Contact Us

Abilene Christian University
Abilene, Texas 79699
Campus Operator:  325-674-2000
Admissions Helpline:  800-460-6228

Website: http://www.acu.edu/

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