Ancient Indian History Study Material in English

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Ancient Indian History Study Material in English.

Pre-Historic People


  1. The evidences for the existence of prehistoric men were fount at
District Place
Mahabub nagar Amrabad,
Nalgonda Eleshwaram
Adilabad Ghanpur, Utnoor.
Warangal Ekkala.
Kareem Nagar Ramagundam
Nizamabad Armoor
Medak Manjeera valley
Khammam Cherla, Ramachandrapuram


  1. Prehistoric Cave Painting are found at Pandavula Gutta,Tirumalagiri Mandal, Warangal district.
  2. Rock Paintings are found at –
District Place
Mahabub nagar Dongalagattu, Doopaadu Gattu, Durgam (D3)
Nalgonda Joopalli
Adilabad Asifabad.
Warangal Paandavula Gutta
Kareem Nagar Ramagundam, Bodigapalli, Regonda
Nizamabad Rekonda,
Medak Idthanooru, Vargal
Khammam Ramachandrapuram
  1. Farming / Agriculture was started 12000 years ago.
  2. Neolithic tools were found at – Serupalli, Mahaboob Nagar District.
  3. In India evidences for prehistoric farming were found at
  4. Baluchistha 9000 years ago. (7000 B.C.)
  5. Kasmir – 5000 years ago. (3000 B.C.)
  6. Bihar – 4000-5000 yeasr ago.
  7. Pre historic Ash mound were found at –
Andhra Pradesh Kurnool, Ananthapur.
Telangaana Mahaboob Nagar


  1. Neolithic period settlments were unearthed at – Polakonda, Warangal District.

Agriculture Products – Commerce

  1. There are about 25,000 markets in India.
  2. Chowtuppal is located in Nalgonda district. (After formation of new districts it is a part of Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district.)
  3. AMY – Agriculture Market Yard.
  4. MSP – Minimum Support Price.
  5. FCI – Food Corporation of India.
  6. In Agriculture market yard the commission to be paid by merchants is 1%.
  7. Market yards in Telangana state are about 100.

Community Decision Making in a Tribe

  1. Tribes in Telangaana.
  2. Konda Reddys. Gonds. Koyas. Savaras.
  3. Gonds are found in Adilabad district.
  4. In 1940, an anthropologist named Haimendorf researched regarding the tribes of Telangana.
  5. Panch – Gonds panchayat.
  6. Patla – Village head of Gonds.



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