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annie besantANNIE BESANT (1847  – 1933)

Annie Besant was a social activist and the founder of Home Rule League.

She has been regarded as the most successful woman of the world. She was born in London to the Irish Parents. She herself became involved in socialist causes. Once she published

a pamphlet advocating birth control, for which she was jailed on a charge of obscenity. In 1885 she joined the Fabian society, a group established to work for social change through legislative means, In 1893 Annie Besant left for India. She was very much influenced by the Indian religion, philosophy and culture. Earlier in 1889 she had joined the Theosophical Society headed by Russian spiritualist Helen Blavatsky who supported mystical philosophy based on Indian religious thought. Annie Besant learned Sanskrit and established the central Hindu college in Benares in 1898. She became active and participated in all political activities in India. She fought for the Indian Independence. Her contribution to India’s freedom struggle was remarkable. She founded the Home Rule India League in 1916 Sept with full support of Lokamanyà Tilak. (Tilak already started Home Rule League in April 1916) She also served as the fifth President of Indian National Congress. She edited a daily news paper ‘New India.’ Her liberal ideas were welcomed by eminent Indians. She revived the Theosophical society, in the field of social work, education and journalism. Her books include Autobiography and India, Bond or free? Annie Besant died in Madras at the ripe age of 86.

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Annie Besant – Home Rule
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