Aristotle teacher of Alexander

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Aristotle 384 B.C. -322 B.C.
He is the father of so many sciences. Pioneered so many branches of knowledge. Teacher of the great warrior king Alexander the Great. Disciple of Plato.
Greek Polymath. His writings cover many subjects, like physics, metaphysics, poetry, logic, rhetoric, politics, economy, ethics, biology and zoology.

Aristotle was one of the history’s greatest philosophers. He was a student of his teacher Plato. Besides he was the teacher of Alexander The Great. He was born in Stagira, in Greece. His father was a physician in the court of Philip IT of Macedon. Aristotle was inspired by his father and studied biology. When he was seventeen, he joined Plato’s Academy in
Athens and studied philosophy. He assisted plato in his researches till 347 B.C. Later he became a teacher at the Academy for nearly twenty years. He taught Alexander at the request of King Philip of Macedon. After he returned to Athens he opened his own school of philosophy called the Lyceum Academy.
Aristotle was a thinker. He made original contribution in Zoology, Botany, physics, political science, psychology, economics and poetics. He wrote number of books of which few are available. He also studied medicine. His was a systematic study of hum an relationships with other aspects of the world around it. His philosophy is known as Aristotelian philosophy and considered to be his most important work. He suggested in one of his theories that the ultimate form was that which he called theos or God.

The great ancient Greek Philosopher Aristotle
Teacher of Alexander Aristotle