Ashoka the great philosopher king of India

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Ashoka The Great
Ashoka maurya
Ashoka empire

Ashoka was the grandson of the great monarch Chandragupta Maurya, the first emperor of the Mauryan empire. Bindusara was Ashoka’s father. Ashoka ruled the kingdom of Magadha from 273 B.C. to 232 B.C. His empire included almost every part of India of today as well as Taxila, that part is in present day Pakistan, parts of Bangladesh and part of Afghanistan.
Ahoka fought with the Kalingas, present day Orissa region, in 261 B.C. He won the battle but at the cost of huge blood shed. Ashoka was moved by the bloodshed. In spite of his victory in the war he was not happy The Kalinga war became the first and last war for him. He decided not to take up arms again. His ‘Bherigosha’ (Drums of war) was replaced with ‘Dharma Gosha’ (Drums of Dharma).There is no other king in the history of the world who after a great victory in the battle, took an oath never to wage a war again. He converted to Buddhism and became an apostle of nonviolence. He banned animal and human sacrifice. He is perhaps the world’s first truly enlightened monarch. He dedicated himself to the well being of the people. He upheld nonviolence. He propagated something like Buddhism all over India and went up to Ceylon, Ashoka’s Dharma Samrajya comprising truth, Dharma, nonviolence and compassion and his concern for the people have remained shining ideals. He was a philosopher – king. Devanarnpriya was a title of King Ashoka. Inscriptions written under instructions from Devanampriya Priyadarshi have been found all over India. Ashoka said: “A military victory is not the greatest victory in life, the greatest victory in life is the victory of Dharma.” He simplified the teachings of Buddha. Ashoka Damma was his own religion. Ashoka’s moral code of conduct was called Dharma.

Damma= Prakritic form of Dharma.
Piyadassi= Prakritic form of Priyadarshi, the good looking.
Devanam Priya = Favourite of Gods

Ashoka, the greatest philosopher king
Ashoka piyadarshi-devanam priya
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