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Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell was a great but controversial philosopher and a mathematician. He taught mathematics at Cambridge after finishing his education. His philosophy was of logical constructionism, which he first applied to mathematics. He demonstrated that mathematics could be explained by the rules of formal logic. Later he applied this technique to other concepts. However Russell had original ideas and tremendous intellectual capacities.
Once he criticized Great Britain for participating in the first world war and soon he asked allies to stop the war. He was removed from the Trinity college for his anti national statements. The world war ended in 1919. Russel there after went to Russia and studied Marxist philosophy and became a follower of it. His views were criticized as they were found very radical. He had to undergo imprisonment twice for his activities on behalf of peace and nuclear disarmament.
Bertrand Russell wrote numerous books on various topics including mathematical logic, the theory of knowledge and social issues. His most famous work ‘Principia Mathematica’ brought out in three volumes was written in collaboration with his teacher Alfred North White Head. Among his other works History of Western philosophy, Human knowledge: Its scope and limit and the analysis of matter are well known. ‘In quest of happiness’ is one more work translated into many languages of the world. Russel was against atom bomb and Vietnam war. He organized demonstrations against nuclear weapons. He even staged ‘Dharna’ (sit in demonstration) infront of the official residence of British Prime Minister.
He was awarded Order Of Merit in 1949 and Nobel prize in 1950. The entire world condoned the death of the great philosopher Russel.

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