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Love for humanity, peace, truthfulness, nonviolence, self respect and universal brotherhood are some of the virtues that a person should possess. Dalai Lama is a symbol of these virtues. He is the spiritual head
of Tibet. He is an apostle of peace.
Dalai Lama’s original name is Tenjin Gyatso. He w born at the village Takche on July 6, 1935. Tibetians who are basically Buddhists believe that each Dalai Lama reincarnates himself. A Panel of priests among them. search for the auspicious signs among children and select such a child and declare him as the new Dalai Lama, the spiritual head. He will be given education and suitable training for assuming the oath of austerity. Dalai Lama at present is the fourteenth spiritual head in the series. He is loved not only by Tibetians but peopleall over the world. He is such a compassionate personality.
Dalai Lama, a pious man had to come to India seeking ahelter in fifties of 20th century becouse of Chinese aggression. In 1950, China interfered in the affairs of Tibet and claimed it to be a part of China. Tibet is considered as the roof of the world Tibetians are patriots. They love freedom. The Chinese attacked them and all their ancient customs and heritage were destroyed. Dalai Lama was embarassed and felt that there is insecurity for his life in Laos. He flew to India in 1959. The government of India provided shelter to him at Dhnrnasha1a in Himachal Pradesh.
Dalai Larna has toured throughout India. He has gone abroad and given lectures. For the past four decades he has been preaching the universal message of peace and love to the world. He has condoned the slaughtery of more than a million Tibetans and destruction of thousands of monasteries by Chinese. He has taken steps to preserve the treasures of Tibetans in India. He was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1990. He has also received the Leopold Lucas award. His book “Kindness, clarity and insight” is a loveable one.
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