Dhyanchand greatest hockey player biography

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dhyanchand hockey

Dhyanchand took India on the
olympic map. He was responsible for
winning gold medals in hockey in three
. successive olympic games. He was the
•/Jf Hockey wizard.
Dhyanchand was born in All ahabad
on 29th August 1905. He joined army riI. the age of sixteen. There he started playing hockey. Within a short time he turned into a good hockey pinyor. He had a marvellous command in wirlding 1iwkey stick. Indian hockey team selected Dhyanchand in play for the 1928 Amsterdom Olympics. He helped (hr Indian team to win gold medal try scoring eleven unlH himself out of 28. Afterwards it is a success story. l1i was famous within the countryas well as abroad. [In was the captain of the gold medal winner Indian I lurluly teamin the 1936 Berlin olympics. Altogether Dhyanchand scored 101 goals at the olympic games and 30o goals in other international matches tilithis rinir Ihis record is unbroken.
Dhyanchand became major after independence. He Was honoured with Padma Bhushan. In 1936 Berlin Olympics he was honoured with olive crown. The Mexico Olympics in 1968 honoured him as ‘Distinguished guest’. Dhyanchand gave coaching to many young hockey players. He had opened an institute for the purpose. tIn hrrathed his last on 3rd December 1979.
Hockey gold medals in the Amsterdam olympics, 1928, The Los Angeles Olympics, 1932 and the Berlin n1”pi 1936. In 1935 Dyanchand made 20 goals in 48 matches. It is learnt that after seeing his game in Berlin Olympics, Hitler offered him a post of colonel in military, but DhyanChand refused. In 1947 – 48 Dhyanchand retired from international hockey. sometime he worked as an instructor in the National Institute of Sports. K.D. Singh Babu, Hasan Sardar, Balbir Singh and Ric Charles worth are noted Hockey players.