Establishment of the British Empire in India

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Establishment of the British Empire in India

  1. Last ruler among mighty Mughals – Aurangazeb.
  2. Last Mugha Emperor – Bahadur Shah Zafar.
  3. 1st European nationals to enter into India – Portuguese.
  4. East India Company was established in the year – 1600.
  5. During which British King / Queen’s reign East India Company was established? – Elizbeth – 1.
  6. Head office of the East India Company – London.
  7. Which Portuguese traveler discovered sea route to India –Vasco da Gama, in the year 1498.
  8. Which two countries fought among for the suzerainty over India – England and Portuguese?
  9. Orcot is located in North Tamilnadu.
  10. Anwaruddin, Nawab of Arcot and French forces fought in the year – 1764.
  11. To appoint Muzaffar Jung as the Nawab of Deccan, British took Machilipatnam and a part of Pandichery as a gift.
  12. Who appointed Muzaffar Jung as the Nawab of Deccan? – Dupleix, French Governor.
  13. Which Mughal Emperor accepted Robert Clive as the Governor of Bengal? – Shah Alam.
  14. The battle which set ground for the establishment of British rule in India – Battle of Plassey.
  15. Battle of Plassey took place on 23 June 1757.
  16. Battle of Plassey was fought by Robert Clive (British Governor) X Siraj ud Daula (Bengal Nawab.)
  17. These districts are called as Northern Circars – Kostal Districts across Bengal, Ordisha and Andhra, during British rule.
  18. The regional kings who fought against Britishers are – Tipu Sultan, Mahadji Scindia, Nanaphadnavis.
  19. The British officer to keep an eye on the Indian kings and Nawabs was – British Resident.
  20. Sepoys’ revolt started on 10 May 1857.
  21. Where the famous sepoys’ revolt was started? – Meerut Military cantonment.
  22. The sepoys’ revolt which took place even before Meerut Sepoys’ revolt was – Barrackpore Revolt, March 1857.
  23. Who the 1857 revolters proclaimed as the Emperor of India was – Bahadurshah-2. (Bahadur Shah Zafar,
  24. Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal emperor was imprisoned in Rangoon jail.
  25. Bahadur Shah Zafar died in – Rangoon jail.
  26. The British officer, who arrested Bahadur Shah -2, was Hudson.
  27. After which major incident Bitish Queen Victoria proclaimed that India should be ruled the native Indian rulers – 1857 Revolt.
  28. I.C.S. means – Indian Civil Service.
Salar Jung

Served as Nizams’ Prime Minster from 1853 to 1883

·        Developed Hyderabad state.
·        Established ‘Dar ul Uloom’ English medium School in Chadarghat, in 1855 – Salar Jung.
·        Developed railways in Hyderabad State.
·        Established City College, Deccan Engineering College, Madarsa-e-Aulia in 1870.
·        Introduced judiciary in Hyderabad.


  1. Immediate reason for 1857 revolt – Introducing greased cartridges. The grease 31. was made of cow and pig fat. (Beef and pork fat)
  2. The places where the sepoys’ revolt took place were – Aligarh, Moinpuri, Buland Shahar, Attak and Madhura.
  3. Important revolter who revolted against British in Hyderabad state was – Turrebaz Khan.
  4. Present day Koti Women’s college is once a British Residency.

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