How to post videos in the blogger blog

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Share Free Online Mock Tests and Study Material
1. When you are publishing a post look for Blog Video Icon. Click on the icon.
A pop up page will be opened.

(Blogger Main Page (Dashboard) > Click Pencil Icon (New Post)> )

Blogger video2. Here you have some options to upload a video.

A. Choose an already posted video either from YouTube or any other source. This option is not advisable because Google Adsense discourages copied content.

B. You can drag a video from your computer to the pop up box. It automatically uploads to the blogger server.

C. Click on the Option C and select a video fro your computer.

D. Select the video with your mouse pointer or cursor after it is completely uploaded to blogger server. Or sometimes you do not need this option as the blogger automatically ads the video to your yet to be published page.

3. After giving appropriate Title and description to the video post, Click Publish

How to upload video to blogger
other than YouTube, Is there any other site where I can show my videos and earn money.
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