Indian History Notes for General Studies purpose based on school books

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Indian History Notes for General Studies purpose based on school books

Religion and Society

  1. The tamil books which tells about a hunting and food gathering community in Srikalahasthi area – Periyapuranam.
  2. Periya puranam is a book of 12th century A.D.
  3. The episode Bhaktha Kannappa is found in Periyapuraanam.
  4. Chenchus primary Goddess – Garela Maisamma / Gangamma.
  5. Burnt clay statue of Ammathalli / Mother Goddess is found at Mehrgarh.
  6. The people who depend on pastoral economy are called as

* Dhangars in Mahaaraashtra.                  * Kurubas – Karnataka

* Kuruma, Golla and Yadava – Telangana and Andhra

  1. The God worshipped by Dhangars in Mahaarashtra – Vitoba.
  2. The first ash mound settlements belonged to agriculture and pasture economy settlements were found in South India.
  3. 1st Indus Valley city unearthed in archaeological excavation – Harappa.
  4. The male God worshipped by Harappans – Lord Shiva.
  5. The Goddess worshipped by Harappans – Ammathalli / Mother Goddess.
  6. Along with the male God these animal can be seen in a Harappan seals – BETR

* Bull              * Elepant       * Tiger                        *  Rhino

(Two deers at his feet)

  1. 1st piece literature in Indian subcontinent – Vedas.
  2. Vedas are 4.         1. Rg Ved                    2. Yajurved     3. Sama Ved             4. Atharvan Ved.
  3. Most ancient veda is – Rg Veda.
  4. Rg Veda is written in – 3500 Years ago.
  5. Important Gods worshipped during Rg Vedic period – Agni, Indra, Soma.
  6. A God is named after a special plant from which a drink is made. Who is the God? – Soma. (Somalatha.)
  7. Who was the God of war during Vedic period – Indra.
  8. Where did Rg Vedic people lived? – A Place between Hindkush mountain ranges and Narmada valley.
  9. Varna system was emerged during – Vedic Period.
  10. The vedic society was divied into how many castes? – Four. 1. Brahmin 2. Kshathriya 3. Vaishya     4. Shudra.
  11. According to Yaagnavalkya and Uddalaka Aruni Brahmanam means the one which does not perish. Aathma and Brahmanam are similar words.
  12. Along with the dead Vedic people buried which coloured pots – Red and Black.
  13. Menhirs are – Big Stone boulders. (A big stone rected at the head of the dead. Used as tome stone or memorial stone)
  14. Sarcophagi – Iron or clay boxes. (Used to bury people)
  15. Dolmens – A small room like tomb.
  16. The story of Nachiketha can be found in – Katopanishath
  17. Famous sages are – Yaagnavalkya, Uddalaka aruni.
  18. Bikshuka – Those who wander.
  19. Parivrajakas – The one who search for truth.
  20. Great Parivrajakas – * Vardhamaana Mahaaveera                        * Gothama Buddha
  21. Makkaligosala Ajithakesh Kambali
  22. At the age of 30 Vardhamaana Mahaaveera became parivrajaka.
  23. Who said “desire are cause for sarrow” – Gouthama Buddha.
  24. Madhyamaarga / Middle Path is suggested by – Gouthama Buddha.

Buddha and his close associates preaching s are recorded in a book named – Tripitakas. (Pitaka = Box)                         Tripitakas are 3.

  1. Suttapitaka Vinayapitaka        3. Abidhamma Pitaka.
  2. Mahaveera propagated – Jainism.
  3. Gouthama Buddha propagated – Buddhism.

 Devotion and Love towards God

  1. The word “Hindu” came into usage from 1000 A.D.
India got its name due to the river Indus.
Aryans called it ‘Sindhu‘.
Iranians / Persians called it  Hind. (Hindoosthan).
Greeks called it ‘Indos‘ (India)
Romans called it ‘Indus” (India).


  1. The word Hind is derived from the word “Sind”.
  2. Bhagavathas worship – Vishnu or Narayana.
  3. The principle diety worshipped in Gudimallam is – Lord Shiva.
  4. Gudimallam is located in Chittoor District.
  5. Shivas worship – Lord Shiva.
  6. Thirthankaras are – Jain Gurus.
  7. Jathaka Stories tell about the previous incarnation of Lord Buddha.
  8. Puranas tell about Lord Shiva and Vishnu.
  9. Bhakthi movement was started for the first time in Tamilnadu, in the year 550 A.D.
  10. Alwars are worshippers of Lord Vishnu.
S.No. Topic Alwars Nayanaars
1. God Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva
2. important Sages 12 63
3. Songs / Hymns Pashuras Tevarams / Tiruvaachakas
4. Important Devotees ·          Periyalwar

·          Nammalwar.

·         Kannappa

·         Nandanar

·         Pullaiah

·         Appaar

·         Sambandaar

·         Sundaraar

·         Manikkavaachakaar

5. Women Devotees ·         Andaal ·         Karaikkalamm

·         Arayyar


  1. Jesus Christ was born at – Bethlehem (Israel).
  2. Thomas Basilica church was build in the year – 1523. It is located in Chennai.
  3. The holy book of Christians – Bible.
  4. The famous speech ‘Cermon on the mountain’ was delivered by – Jesus Christ.
  5. 1st person to propagate Christianity in India was – St. Thomas.
  6. The religion established by Prophet Mohammad – Islam.
  7. Prophet Mohammad was born in Mecca, in the year 570 A.D.
  8. The holy book of Islam – Quran.
  9. 1st Mosque to be built in India – Cheraman mosque, Kerala.
Sura al ikhlas

“The truth is: Allah is One. Allah is

Besought of all, needing none. He

neither begot anyone, nor was

begotten. And equal to Him has never

been any one.”

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