Khilafat Movement Udhyamamu

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Khilafat Movement Udhyamamu – September 1919

ఖిలాఫత్ ఉధ్యమము

This movement was in reaction to what had happened in Turkey. Under the influence of Britishers and western culture, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, the Ata Turk, banned Caliphate. Caliph was both political and spiritual head of Islam. This institution was banned by Kemal Pasha. Conservative Muslims agitated against the decision of Mustafa Kemal Pasha. Indian Muslims also agitated against Kemal Pasha’s decision. Gandhi expressed his solidarity to the movement and later suggested Muslims to participated in Indian National Movement.

Leaders of Khilafat movement in India.

Ali Brothers: Shaukat Ali and Mohammad Ali

Hazrat Mohani

Ajmal Khan

Mohammad Ali Jinnah


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