Raja Rammohan Roy father of modern India

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Rammohan Roy
Rajarammohan Roy was the father of India Renaissance. He is considered as the father of Modern India. He worked hard to
abolish the ‘Sati’ system that prevailed in India for many years, Governor General of india Lord William Bentinck abolished
the practice of Sati, that is burning the widow alive on the funeral pire of her diseased husband. In 1829 through the Governnent. World Famous Personalities World Famous Personalities Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born in to a prosperous and orthodox Brahmin family at Hooghly, West Bengal. He studied well and became a great scholar. He knew Persian, Arabic, Latin, French, Hebrew apart from Englsih. Infact he advocated Englsih and Western education for his countrymen. He got an appointment in the British East India company and retired from service in 1815. Then he settled in Kolkata and involved himself in social service. He founded Atmiya Sabha in 1814 and Brahmo Samaj in 1828. He desired unity of all religions. He published a pamphlet named ‘A gift to monotheists’ its persian translation was ‘Tauhid -e- muahideen’. In 1830 he went to England to plead a case on behalf of the Moghul emperor. The emperor honoured him with the title ‘Raja’. He was against all sorts of social bigotry and superstitions. He died on 27 September, 1833 in England.

Raja Rammohan Roy Father of Modern India

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