Results of World War 1

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Results of World War 1

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Winners and looser learnt some lessons from World War I.  We could see geographically, socially, economically, domination wise, and in the thinking of the nations.

Geographical Changes

Geographical changes took place in Europe due to World War I. 4 countries vanished and the boarders of European countries were changes completely.

Political domination of Europe

Europe’s domination increased after World War I. Imperialist nations like England and France were furthered strengthened. Their influence did spread to central eastern countries. Central eastern countries were under the possession of Turkey before World War I. Now they came under the sway of Britain and France. This domination lasted till World War II.

Foreign Investments

Before World War I, England and France were receiving most of the foreign investments. After World War I, England and France lost their priority in foreign investments. Germany investments also decreased.

Development of America

Foreign investors opted for America instead of England and America after World War I. America also started lending money to other countries.

Industrial sector

Crossing the Atlantic ocean investments reached America. Europe’s industrial sector started declining, and American industries started increasing. By 1929, America’s share in world industrial production was 42.2%. This was larger than the all European nations combined share.

Decrease in Europe’s influence

Before World War I, Europe was the birth place for popular political ideas, modern institutions. Europe’s theories used to influence the whole world. After the World War I, Europe losts this spell. Added to that, neighboring countries started questioning the authenticity of the theories.

America and Russia’s guidance to Europe

European nations started following the theories of Woodrow Wilson of America and Lenin of Russia to formulate their procedures.

Soaring national sentiments

Soviets were established in Berlin, Hamburg, and Good fest, along the lines with Bolshevik revolution. Revolutionary ideas gained popularity in the colonies. Colonies started revolting for freedom.

Economic Depression

We can see the ill impact of the World War I both on warring countries and neutral countries. Production was decreased and inflation increased worldwide.

Technological development

All the countries concentrated on developing new weapons for the sake of their safety. The use of sub marines was increased.

League of Nations

Both victories and defeated countries incurred losses. All the countries of the world realised the need for an international organisation to establish peace. Based on the 15 principles of Woodrow Wilson, an international organisation named ‘League of Nations’ was established. League of Nations was proved as and organisation for discussing and giving better solution to international issues. Though it was partially success, it developed economic and technological co-operation among most of the countries of the world.

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