Rulers and Monuments Gurukula TET DSC Study Material

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Rulers and Monuments Gurukula TET DSC Study Material

Kings and Monuments

  1. Qutb minar was constructed by – Qutb ud din Aibak.
  2. Qutb Minar was constructed in the year – 1199 A.D.
  3. Qutb Minar is built in how many floors? – 5 stories.
  4. 1st floor of Qutb Minar was constructed by – Qutb ud din Aibak.
  5. In 1229 A.D. who constructed top 4 floors of Qubt minar – Il tut mish.
  6. Roofs, doors and windows were made by placing a horizontal beam across two

vertical columns, this style of architecture called “Trabeate” or “Corbelled”.

  1. Persian court chronicles described the Sultan as the“Shadow of God”.
  2. Kandareeya Mahadeva Shiva Temple was constructed by Chandela King Dhangadeva.
  3. Among the temples built between 7th century A.D. to 10th Century A.D., the temple which has the tallest shikhara is – Rajarajeshwara Temple in Thanjavur.
  4. Brihadeeshwara temple is located in – Tanjore.
  5. Arcuate – The weight of the superstructure above the doors and windows was sometimes carried by arches. The roof too used this principle and was converted into vaults and domes. This architectural form is called “arcuate”.
  6. Who built “Rajarajeshvara Temple”? – Rajaraja.
  7. Greet law givers in Islam – Moses, Salman.
  8. Dehli-i kuhna- A big reservoir constructed by Iltutmish.
  9. Shrivallabha invaded Sri Lanka and defeated the king, Sena I (831-851).
  10. “Trabeate” or “Corbelled” – A style of architecture. Roofs, doors and windows made by placing a horizontal beam across two vertical columns. The trabeate style was used in the construction of temples, mosques, tombs and buildings
  11. The Kandariya Mahadeva temple was dedicated to Shiva.
  12. The Kandariya Mahadeva temple was constructed by King Dhangadeva of Chandela dynasty (999 A.D.).
  13. The Kandariya Mahadeva temple is located in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh.
  14. 90 Ton stones was placed on the shikhara of Rajarajeshwara Temple.
  15. Arches, domes and limestone mortar were used extensively in the buildings after 1190 AD.
  16. Which Delhi Sultans is said to have the qualities of Moses and Solomon, the great law-givers ? – Alauddin Khilji.
  17. Capital of Pandyas – Madurai.
  18. Which Srilankan / Sinhalese ruled invaded on Madurai to restore the golden statue of Buddha? Sena II.
  19. Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni was a contemporary of Rajendra I.
  20. Sultan Mohammad Gajini the temple of Saranath.
  21. Vimanas and the Gopurams – are the architectural styles introduced by Cholas and Pandyas.
  22. Which ruler filled his Shiva temple with prized statues seized from defeated rulers? Rajendra Chola.
Statues collected by Rajendra Chola
Sun-pedestal Chalukyas
* Ganesha statue

* Several statues of Durga

* Nandi statue

Eastern Chalukyas
Bhairava and Bhairavi statues Kalingas
Kali statue Palace of Bengal


  1. Mahanavami Dibba belongs to which dynasty? – Vijayanagara.
  2. Babur loved to develop gardens.
  3. Chahar baghs – means 4 gardens. Constructed by Babur, Akbar, Jahangir and Shahjahan.
  4. Hasht bihisht means 8 paradises.
  5. Chihil sutun means forty-pillared halls.
  6. Shahjahan – Red Fort, Tajmahal, Diwan-i-am
  7. Qibla- The pedestal on which Shahjahan’s throne was placed.
  8. Behind the balcony of which emperor’s throne legendary Greek god Orpheus image playing the flute can be found? Shahjahan.
  9. Which garden is called as the River-front Garden? Shahjahan’s garden which is constructed in Agra.
  10. Agra is located on the banks of river – Yamuna.

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