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physics chemistry science and tech class notes for appsc tspsc exams 3

physics chemistry science and tech class notes for appsc tspsc exams 3

Anantha Ramkrishna sir physics chemistry and science tech class notes for tspsc and appsc exams 6

Anantha Ramkrishna sir physics chemistry and science tech class notes for tspsc and appsc exams

Anantha Ramakrishna sir physics chemistry science and technology notes in telugu for tspsc appsc group1 group2 SI constable and Panchayat Secretary exams

 Anantha Ramakrishna sir physics chemistry science and technology notes in telugu for tspsc appsc group1 group2 SI constable and Panchayat Secretary exams

Details of Indian Committees and Commissions

Details of Indian Committees and Commissions

* Raghavan Committee - Anti Ragging 

* Yashpal Committee - Reforms in High Schools (Suggested Grading system) 

* Yashpal Panel Higher Education 

* Justice Umesh Chandra Bennerjee Committee - Godra probe 

* Nanavati Mehta Committee 2002 - Godhra riots 

* Kapil Dev Committee - Cricket Development. 

* Sayeed Hameed to study the extincting Jarua tribe of Andaman Nicobar Islands. 

* Justice M.S. Siddiquee - Minority Education Instututions. 

* Justice Jeevan Reddi Committee - On special rights given to Manipur Armed Forces. 

* Sachar Committe - Social, Economical and Educational status of Muslims 

* Ranganath Mishra Commission - 15% Reservation to Muslims 

* Liberhan Commission - Babri Masjid Demolition 

* Kakodkar Committee - IIT Reforms 

* Soli Sorabjee Committee - Police Reforms 

* B.K.Chaturvedi Committee - Domestic Oil Pricing Policy 

* Punchi Commission - Center-State ties 

* Sarkaria Commission - Center-State relations ; Balance of power 

* Balwantrai Mehta Committee - Community Development Program (recommended Panchayati Raj System) 

* Ashok Mehta Committee 2-tier Panchayat Raj System 

* Jivanlal Kapur Commission - Gandhi Murder Case 

* Shah Nawaz Committee (1956)- Death of Subhash Chandra Bose 

* Khosla Commission (1970) - Death of Subhash Chandra Bose 

* Mukherjee Commission (1999) - Death of Subhash Chandra Bose 

* Kaka Kalelkar Commission (1955) - 1st commission on Backward Classes 

* Mandal Commission (1979) - OBC Quota & other Reservations 

* Nanavati Commission 1984 - Anti Sikh riots 

* U.C.Banerjee Panel 2002 - Godhra riots

* J.C.Shah Commission - Indian Emergency 1975-77 

* S. Settar Committee - On probe into the saffronisation of History books during the reign of NDA. 

* Mashelkar Committee - Intellectual Property Rights.

* Investment Commisstion - Headed by Ratan Tata.

* Rakesh Mohan Committee - Savings

* Naresh Chandra Committee - Private Investment in Aviation Sector

* Vaalmiki Prasad Singh Committee - Reservations to the economically backward people in Upper Castes

* Raamaanand Prasad Committee - To identify the economically strong people in Other Backward Castes and include them in creamy layer. now the creamy layer income limit is 2.5 lakhs. Commissions Chairman

* Thomas Keen Commission - 9/11 inquiry. Committee declared that Iraq did not participate in 9/11 attack though Iraq had contacts with Al Qaida. * National Commission on Women - Anti Dowry. Dahej mekth Abhiyan.

* Jain Commission - Rajiv Gandhi Murder. 

This committee led to the downfall of Inder Kumar Gujral Government.

* Prof. Jayathi Gosh commission - Suicides of Andhra Pradesh farmeres.

Jayathi Gosh is professor in economics department in Jawahar Lal Nehru University. 

* Central Vigilance Commission - Pratyusha Sinha 

* Finance Commission - Vijay Kelkar 

* 1st Administrative Reforms Commission Morarji Desai

* 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission V.Ramachandran

* Veerappa moilee commission - Second state re-organisation commission

* Unorganised Sector Development - Arjun Sen Guptha Commission

Books and authors of modern India

Books and authors of modern India
  • M.K. Gandhi (Mahattma Gandhi) – Young India, Harijan, Navjivan, Hindu Swarajya, My Experiments With Truth
  • Bal Gangadhar Tilak – Kesri, The Maratha, Gita Rahasya
  • Jawahar Lal Nehru – Discovery of India, Glimpses of World History, Meri Kahani
  • Maulana Abdul Kalam Aazad – Al Hilal, India Wins Freedom, Gubare Khatir
  • Lala Lajpat Rai – Unhappy India
  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad – India Divided
  • Lala Hardayal – Hints For Self Culture
  • Surendra Nath Banarji – Bangali, A Nation In Making
  • Veer Savarkar – War Of Indian Independence
  • Ravindra Nath Tagore – Geetanjali (Nobel Prize Winner Book), Home and The World, Gora, Hungry Stones, Chandalika, Visarjan
  • Madan Mohan Malviya – Abhyuday, Hindustan, Leader
  • Gopal Krishna Gokhle – Nation
  • Keshav Chandra Sen – Indian Mirror, Vaam Bodhini
  • Dinbandhu Mitra – Neel Darpan
  • Arvind Ghosh – Karmyogi, Yugantar, Savitri, Life Divine, Essays On Gita, Bande Matram
  • Muhammad Iqbal – Tarane Hind, Baange Dara
  • Annie Besant – Commonweal, New India
  • Subhash Chandra Bose – Indian Struggle
  • Paranjape – Kaal
  • Muhammad Ali – Comred, Hamdard
  • Raja Ram Mohan Roy – Samvad Kaumudi
  • Ishwarchadra Vidyasagar – Som Prakash
  • Motilal Nehru – Independent
  • Dada Bhai Naurauji – Rust Guftgur, Poverty And Un British Rule In India
  • Shishir Kumar Ghosh – Amrit Bazar Patrika
  • Tarak Nath Das – Free Hindustan
  • Shachindra Sanyal – The Revolutionary
  • Dayanand Sarswati – Satyarth Darpan
  • Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya – History Of Congress
  • Valentine Chirol – Indian Unrest
  • Chittaranjan Das – India For Indians
  • Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay – Anand Math, Devi Chaudharani
  • Bhartendu Harishchandra – Bharat Durdasha
  • Shivanand – Divine Life
  • Nayantara Sahgal – A Voice Of Freedom

1st woman records in india

1st woman records in India

1st Woman speaker – Shannodevi 

1st Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest – Bachendripal 1984 

Youngest to climb Mt. Everest – Dicky Dolma 

1st Woman to swim across English Channel – Arti Saha 

First Indian Woman to be crowned as Miss World - Reita Faria. 

First Indian Woman to be crowned as Miss universe – Susmita Sen. 

1st Indian Woman president of UN Gen. Assembly – Vijayalakshmi Pandit 

1st woman chief justice of Supreme Court – Fathima Bibi

Fathima Beevi. M. Fathima Beevi (born 30 April 1927) is a former judge of the Supreme Court of India. Appointed to the apex Court in 1989, she became the first female judge to be a part of the Supreme court of India, and the first Muslim woman to be appointed to any of the higher judiciaries in country.

  1st Woman Chief Justice - Omana Kunjamma 

1st Woman central minister – Rajkumari Amrit Kaur 

1st woman IPS – Kiran Bedi 

1st Indian Muslim ruler to sit on the throne of Delhi – Razia Sultana 

1st Woman to receive Sena medal - Bimla Devi 

1st Woman advocate - Cornelia Sorabji

Cornelia Sorabji (15 November 1866 – 6 July 1954) was an Indian woman who was the first female graduate from Bombay University, the first woman to study law at Oxford University and the first female advocate in India, and the first woman to practice law in India and Britain.

Who is the first woman President of India? - - Pratibha Devisingh Patil

Pratibha Devisingh Patil (born 19 December 1934) is an Indian politician who served as the 12th President of India from 2007 to 2012. A member of the Indian National Congress, Patil is the only woman to hold the office.

Who is the first woman governor of India? - Sarojini Naidu Sarojini Naidu was the first female to become the governor of an Indian state. She governed Uttar Pradesh from 15 August 1947 to 2 March 1949.    

Who is the first lady chief minister of India? - Sucheta Kriplani. Sucheta Kriplani (née Mazumdar, 25 June 1908 – 1 December 1974) was an Indian freedom fighter and politician. She was India's first woman Chief Minister, serving as the head of the Uttar Pradesh government from 1963 to 1967. w/o Jivatram Bhagwandas Kripalani    

Who is the missile woman of India? - Tessy Thomas Tessy Thomas (born April 1963) is an Indian scientist and Director General of Aeronautical Systems and the former Project Director for Agni-IV missile in Defence Research and Development Organisation. She is the first woman scientist to head a missile project in India.      

Who is the first woman prime minister in India? - Indira Gandhi Indira Gandhi was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. She served as Prime Minister from January 1966 to March 1977 and again from January 1980 until her assassination in October 1984, making her the second longest-serving Indian Prime Minister, after her father.    

Who was the first Indian woman to receive Bharat Ratna? Indira Gandhi became the first woman to receive the Bharat Ratna award in 1971. She was also the first woman Prime Minister of India and served from 1966 to 1977. Indira Gandhi was named as the "Woman of the Millennium" in a poll which was organised by BBC in 1999.    

Who is the first woman ambassador of India? - Chonira Belliappa Muthamma Chonira Belliappa Muthamma (January 24, 1924 - October 14, 2009) was the first woman to clear the Indian Civil Services examinations. She was also the first woman to join the Indian Foreign Service. She was the first Indian woman diplomat as well.    

Who is the first woman scientist in India? - Asima Chatterjee Asima Chatterjee received a master's degree (1938) and a doctoral degree (1944) in organic chemistry from the University of Calcutta. She was the first Indian woman to earn a doctorate in science.    

Who is the first woman IAS officer in India? - Anna Rajam Malhotra Anna Rajam George Malhotra (17 July 1927 – 17 September 2018) was an Indian Administrative Service officer. She was the first woman in India to hold this position. Malhotra belonged to the 1951 batch of the IAS and married R. N. Malhotra, her batchmate.    

Who is the first female IFS officer in India? - Muthamma Muthamma was the first woman entrant to the Indian civil services through the UPSC examination, clearing the examination in 1948, and also the first IFS woman officer, joining the service in 1949.    

Who is the first Indian woman Nobel Prize winner? - Mother Teresa She became the first Indian woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.  

Who is the first Indian woman to reach Antarctica? Meher Moos 

1st woman judge of High Court – Anna Chandi. 

1st Indian Chief Justice of High Court – Leila Seth 

1st Indian woman to circumnavigate the world - Ujjwala Rai 

1st Indian woman president of INC – Sarojini Naidu 

1st India woman editor of an English News Paper – Dina Wakil 

1st Woman Chief Engineer – PK Theressa. 

1st woman to pass M.A. - Chandramukhi Bose 

1st woman Doctor - Kadambini Ganguly. 

1st Indian Woman cosmonaut of India – Kalpana Chawla

GK Sobriquets - sobriquets primary names for countries states cities places

GK Sobriquets - sobriquets primary names for countries states cities places SOBRIQUETS - PRIMARY NAMES

 # Land of Thunder bolt: Bhutan 

# Land of midnight sun: Norway 

# Land of Morning calm: Korea 

# Never never lands: # Land of Cakes: Scotland 

# China`s sorrow: River Hwang Ho, china. 

# Land of rising sun: Japan 

 # Granite City: Aberdeen, Scotland. 

 # Herring Pond: Atlantic Ocean 

 # Land of the Kangaroo: Australia 

 # The Land of the Golden Fleece – Australia. 

# Eternal city: Rome # Island of Pearls: Bahrain 

 # White City: Belgrade, Yugoslavia. # Land of Lilies: Canada 

# Land of Maple: Canada. 

# Windy City: Chicago, USA. 

 # Sugar Bowl of the World: Cuba 

 # The Pearl of the Antilles: Cuba 

 # Land of Thousand Lakes: Finland 

# Pillars of Hercules: Gibraltar 

 # Emerald Island: Ireland 

# Land of the Rising Sun: Japan ----------------------------------- 

# Hermit Kingdom: Korea 

 # Port of Five Seas: Moscow 

# Land of Canals: Netherlands 

 # Land of Windmills: Netherlands 

# Empire City: New York 

# City of Dreaming Spires: Oxford 

 # City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia 

# City of Seven Hills: Rome 

 # City of the Golden Gate: San Francisco 

# The Dark Continent – Africa.

 # Land of Golden pagodas: Myanmar 

# Venice of the North: Stockholm 

# Land of the White Elephant: Thailand 

# Sick Man of Europe: Turkey

 # Queen of the Adriatic : Venice 

# Island of Cloves: Zanzibar

 # White Man's Grave - Guinea Coast 

 # The key of the Mediterranean – Gibraltar. 

 # The Great White Way - Broadway, New York. 

 # The Gift of the Nile – Egypt 

# The Land of the Golden Pagoda - Burma (Mayanmar) 

# The Cockpit of Europe - Belgium 

# Island of Pearls - Banrain 

# The Gate of Tears - Bab-el-mandab 


 INDIAN GK Sobriquets - Primary names

# Bengal`s sarrow = River Damodara 

# Pink City - Jaipur # City of palaces 

 # The garden city of India - Bangalore. 

 # The Venice of the East - Cochin, India 

# The Queen of the Arabian Sea - Cochin, India 

# The City of Palaces (India)- Kolkata. 

# The Gateway of India (India) - Mumbai. 

# The City of the Golden Temple (India) - Amristsar 

GK Sobriquets - Primary names

political science audio material in telugu

political science audio material in telugu for free download

* Preamble - Rajyanga Praveshika - view 

  * Chief Minister and Council of Ministers - view

Chief minister and council of ministers part2 - view

Commissions - view * Commissions part2 - view 

 * Central Government - President - view 

* Fundamental Rights - view 

* Fundamental Rights2 - view 

* Fundamental Rights3 - view 

* Fundamental Rights 4 - view 

 * Rajyaangaabhikramamu - view 

* Local institutions - view 

* Supreme Court - view 

* Local institutions 1 - view 

* Local institutions 2 - view 

* Fundamental Rights - view 

* High Court - view 

* Central Government- view 

 * Central Government 6- view 

* Center and State relations part1 - view 

* Center and State relations part2 - view  

indian history audio material in telugu

Indian history audio material in telugu 

1. Charithraku poorva yugamu.mp3 - view 

2. Haryanka vamshamu, ithara vamshaalu.mp3 - view 

3. sangam yugamu, ithara raajyaalu, Gupthulu, - view 

4. Islam samrajyamu .mp3 - view 

5. MAHARASTRULU.mp3 - view 

6. bhakthi udhyamamu, samskaranodhyamamu - view 

7. 1857 sipayila thirugubaatu-jaatheetodhyamamu - part1.mp3 - view 

8. 1857_Sipayeela_Tirugubatu_and_Jateeyodyamamu.mp3 part2 - view 

9. Gandhi yugamu.mp3 - view 

10. history of governor generals and viceroys.mp3 - view 

11. samskruthika punarujjevanam - view 

12. Samkskrutheekarana - view 

13. Jaatheeyodhyamamu samyavadula paathra - view