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How to start exercise daily work out

How to start exercise daily work out
When I was of 18 years old, I started going to gym. Before that also I pumped iron at home for 4 years. Immediately after going to gym on the first day itself I picked dumbbells of 10 k.g.s each. The seniors in the gym, who are not aware of my experience, used to tell me that I should start doing exercises with smaller weights. One person told me that I am thinking of sitting directly in 10th standard instead of starting with L.K.G. Then none explained me why I should start exercise with less weights. As days went on I have realised that our joint / ligaments are not ready to bear the consequences when we suddenly lift big weights. If we start with less weights slowly our ligaments will habituated to big weights. If we suddenly lift big weights on the first day itself our ligaments will get cracks or they may even get dislocated. That is why it is always better to start exercise in gym with less weights.

The style of exercise differs from person to person. There is lot of difference between male and female way of exercise. Men workout with more weights where as women prefer aerobic exercises with less weights. Katrina Kaif workout style differs from Hrithik Roshan's work our style at gym.
Always less weights with more repeatation will show good result. 
Katrina kaif work out with trainer

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Hrithik Roshan with his physical trainer

Exercise - How to start.
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Benefits of daily exercise

Benefits of daily exercise
Benefits and Some misconceptions about exercise

* Getting tired after workouts

Usually we get tired after work outs. It happens only during the initial days. After a week we don't feel tired after exercise in gym on the contrary, we feel more energetic and confident. After few days of work out we notice uneasiness if we don't go for routine workouts.

* Body pains for long time
Everybody will get body pains when they first exercise in gym. It is because our body is not habituated to such hard work and the advantage of body pain after exercise is, where ever we notice pains in our body, in that part of our body fat gets burned and soon we get well shaped muscles. The people who are very sensitive and can not bear pain usually stop exercise when they get pains after exercise. Such people should first learn how to start exercise.

We get pains when we exercise. Some people stop exercise when they notice pain in their muscle. In such cases relief from pain gets delayed. If we continue doing exercise daily we get speedy recovery. The reason is when we continue doing exercise our body produces a chemical called Lactic acid which acts as a pain reliever. 
Hrithik Roshan 8 pack body

* Joint Pains recovery is getting late
The people who suffer joint pain get relief when they start doing exercise. It is mainly due to our the increase of our body metabolic rate and all the organs of our body start working properly. I personally experience relief from joint pains when I re started exercising. Some people say that their recovery is getting late. Such people should do limited exercise with little weights.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Sylvester Stallone

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Sylvester Stallone

* Sleeplessness
We definitely notice sleeplessness during day time. We don't see the symptom of sleeplessness when during the days of our work outs. During the initial days we get excess sleep only because our body gets tired and we are not habituated to such workout in the past few months. In no time we feel more energetic after exercise. Apart from that there will not be any problem to our sleep.

* Indigestion
During the days of  our gym work outs, due to the increase of our body metabolic rate all the organs function properly, enzymes secrete in the right amount of quantity and quality. That corrects the function of all our body organs. Definitely we get relieved from indigestion.

* Loosing interest in exercise
 It is common that most of the people loose interest in going to gym after few days. We should have a good and motivated company to go to gym. Few days should go to ground for brisk walking or jogging but we should not stop our daily exercise.

* Dehydration due to exercise

As the heat is generated in our body when we exercise we feel dehydrated. Experts say that we should not take excess water during work outs. When we are pumping iron, if we feel thirsty we should take very small quantity of water just enough to wet our throat. If we think of some chemical which give relaxation during such times, a nitrogenous oxidant acid named creatine gives some relief which supplies water to our tired muscles and enables us to go on long ours of work outs and relief to our muscle after work outs. 

* Immunity system and Exercise

Due to daily work outs in gym, our immunity system becomes more strong. Our body will not get vulnerable and even the biggest diseases like diabetics, cancer and AIDS can't show their full adverse effects on our body. 

Pakistani Cricketer and captain of his country team Wasim Akram is a diabetic patient. Due to daily work outs he is able to life happily.

Below: Wasim Akram Accu Chek Diabetes Meet

Wasim akram Accu Check Seminar

Below: Wasim Akram at World Diabetes Congress-2013
Pakistan cricketer wasim akram at world diabetic congress conference

And American Cyclist Lance Armstrong is suffering from cancer. After knowing the fact that he is suffering from cancer he took life as a challenge and started fighting against it with intense work outs. The result he became 7 times winner of La Tour De France.
 cLance Arm Strong after winning Tour De France for 7th time.

* Exercise and Balanced mind

Great Indian Philosopher Swami Vivekananda says that "Strong body represents strong mind" . If we have healthy body we have balanced mind and less tensions when compared to weak bodied people.

* Exercise and Harmon imbalance

The people who exercise daily will definitely notice Harmon balance. Due to the proper blood circulation all organs of our body function in right manner and we over come Harmon Imbalance.

* Is bodybuilding advisable for women?
It depends on the person's interest. Generally men consider that girls with muscle don't look good. But fashion changes from time to time. These days so many girls are showing interest in bodybuilding. If girls rely on drugs to get muscles Y chromosome gets more activated and due to that reason they get some male characteristics along with muscles.  
Female bodybuilder

karanam malleshwari
* Exercise and Next Generationplato Plato, the great Greek Philosopher, in his book 'The Republic' expressed opinion that only people with most stable mind with good knowledge and strong body are eligible to produce children. The children born to such parents will make the nation most powerful. In his opinion physically and mentally weaker people are not eligible to produce children, because weak parents will give birth to weak children and they will bring disgrace to the country.

Newly wed couple should have a healthy body and peaceful mind. In such condition they if they have children it will reflect in their children.