Monday, March 16, 2020

How to start exercise daily work out

How to start exercise daily work out
When I was of 18 years old, I started going to gym. Before that also I pumped iron at home for 4 years. Immediately after going to gym on the first day itself I picked dumbbells of 10 k.g.s each. The seniors in the gym, who are not aware of my experience, used to tell me that I should start doing exercises with smaller weights. One person told me that I am thinking of sitting directly in 10th standard instead of starting with L.K.G. Then none explained me why I should start exercise with less weights. As days went on I have realised that our joint / ligaments are not ready to bear the consequences when we suddenly lift big weights. If we start with less weights slowly our ligaments will habituated to big weights. If we suddenly lift big weights on the first day itself our ligaments will get cracks or they may even get dislocated. That is why it is always better to start exercise in gym with less weights.

The style of exercise differs from person to person. There is lot of difference between male and female way of exercise. Men workout with more weights where as women prefer aerobic exercises with less weights. Katrina Kaif workout style differs from Hrithik Roshan's work our style at gym.
Always less weights with more repeatation will show good result. 
Katrina kaif work out with trainer

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