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Folk Religion – Study material is useful for various public service exams and especially for Gurukula teachers, TET and DSC

Folk Religion – Study material is useful for various public service exams and especially for Gurukula teachers, TET and DSC.
  1. Most popular village Goddess in Telangana – Pochamma.
  2. The deity who is popular as the savior of cattle rearers and their property – Maisamma.
  3. Water Goddess – Gangamma.
  4. Various names of Ellamma – Poleramma, Maridamma, Renuka, Mahankali, Jogamma, Solamma.
  5. The Goddess who protects village – Ellamma.
  6. The God who saves paddy fields – Pothuraju.
  7. The God who saves cattle and sheep – Beerappa and Katamaraju.
  8. Wife of Beerappa – Kamarathi.
  9. Medaram jathara / fair is celebrated at – Medaram village, Tadvai Mandal, Warangal District.
  10. The biggest tribal Jathara / fair in Telangana – Sammakka Saarakka Jathara.
  11. Who is Meda Raju? – Contemporary of the Kakatiya king Rudradeva (Prataparudra-I).
  12. Medaraju was the ruler of Polavaasa Kingdom.
  13. Where is Polavaasa Kingdom is located? – Polavasa kingdom is located at present in Jagityal of Karimnagar district.
  14. Who is Pagididda raju? – King of Medaram kingdom.
Medaram was a feudatory state to Polavaasa.
  1. Whom Pagididda raju married? – Pagididda raju married the sister of Medaraju.
  2. Who is Sammakka? – Sammakka is sister of Medaraju and wife of Pagididda raju.
  3. Who are Saralamma, Nagulamma and Jampanna? – They are children of Pagididda raju.
  4. Present day Jampanna vaagu was once known as Sampenga Vaagu.
  5. Medaram fair is organised once in two years.
  6. In the context of Medaram Sammakka and Saralamma jathara what actually is called as ‘bangaram’? Jaggery.
  1. Dargah – A tomb of a sufi saint.
  2. Urs – The tomb or dargah of a sufi saint becomes a place of pilgrimage to which thousands of people of all faiths visit. The festival which is celebrated at Sufi saints tombs is called Urs.
  3. Karamaths – Miraculous deeds by Sufi saints.
  4. Ghantam – Ornamented pot carried by women during Bonalu festival.
  5. In whose memory Moharram is celebrated? – Grandson of Prophet Mohammad.
  6. In which battle grandson of Prophet Mohammad achieved martyrdom? Battle of Karbala.
  7. Karbala is located in – Iraq.
  8. Jahangir pir dargah is located in – Kothur, Mahabubnagar district.
  9. In whose memory Jahangir pir dargah is constructed – Sayyid Gousuddin and Sayyid Buranoddin of Iraq.
  10. The Mughal emperor who appointed Ibrahim Ali as quazi of Jahangir pir dargah.
  11. Which book of the great poet Srinatha Kavisaarvabhouma gives details about ‘Potharaju pooja’? – Palnati Veera Charithra (1450).
  12. Kreedaabhiraamam was written by – Vinukonda Vallabharaya.

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